I’m not sure who I am, but I’m trying to find out.  Currently a workaholic graduate student currently in internship to become a mental health counselor.  Maybe I’ll try again to apply to psychology phd programs.  I miss having free time and raising sheep and being a fiber artist.  I try to make some time for some of the things I used to do, like knitting, spinning, and music (I play flute and recorders and I’m learning the violin).  We still have a couple of goats and a llama/alpaca, not to mention the dogs, cats, chickens, goose, pigeon, and ball face python (my daughter’s – she wants to be a vet).  Oh, and three children of the two-legged variety too.

Update:  I am no longer a student.  My master’s degree is completed and I’m still an intern but now with a real job as a therapist.  I’d like to be a student again, though, as it would be nice to have a Ph.D.  This feels more limited than I want to be.  Maybe some day, though most likely I won’t be going back to school this year.  It is nice to have more time, although there still isn’t enough.  Summer is full of currants and apricots and plums and soon pears and apples, and I don’t have quite enough time to do all that I could with it.  My daughter commented on the years that I hardly remember, when I was trying to be a homeschooling mom and farmer.  She refered to it as when I “used to do something,” and said that I was starting to do things again, now.  I guess that my education and career and learning to play the violin, etc. didn’t count.  I guess those things wouldn’t to her, since it was mostly beyond what she sees.  So I am also trying to be more domestic, again.